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Quicksilver 100k Info

Start time - 4:30am (You are required to have a light source to start. Slow runners can drop off in Drop Bag at Hicks Rd and Fast runners can drop of in bucket at Bald Mtn. A/S where they will be returned to the start where you, your pacer, or crew can retrieve them)

Distance – 62.2 Miles

Elevation gain – 13,000+

Time Limit – 17 Hours (16 Hours to Qualify for Western States 100M Lottery)

Bracelet Grabs – There will be two spots that will require you to grab a bracelet to prove to us that you completed the course. One will be at Kennedy Road Aid Station and the technical out-n-back visit to Enriquita Aid Station. You can get rid of the bands at the next aid station shall you not want to run with them.

We have used multiple sources for mileage and elevations. There are many inconsistencies from past runners results, training run data, and map experts. At this time, you will notice the same mileage as the maps. They may change, but only by a few tenths of a mile as you have probably experienced before in other events.

100k Cutoffs - You must leave the Aid Station by the cut-off time in order to continue. Any Runner who refuses to leave the course after missing a cut-off may be refused entry to the race in future years.

  • Hacienda A/S: Mile 41.4 @ 3:30pm (Where your Car or Crew may be)
  • Mockingbird A/S: Mile 44.5 @ 4:30pm
  • McAbee A/S: Mile 54.1 @ 6:30pm

Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose is a 501(c) (4) nonĀ­profit tax exempt organization

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