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QRC Christmas Week Virtual Run

Holiday Ornament, Pet Costume, and Ugly Sweater Contest

December 17 - 24, 2020

(Formerly the Christmas Eve Run)

Greetings Members,

Christmas Day is fast approaching and that means that it's time for the annual QRC Christmas Run at Quicksilver County Park. Of course this is 2020, and we all know what that means... With COVID19 cases spiking everywhere, and government officials recommending against any large gatherings, we have made the decision to modify the format for this year's celebration. We didn't feel that having a large group of people wheezing up the Mine Hill Trail, belting out Christmas carols, and gathering for holiday treats was a very socially responsible thing to do, so here's a quick rundown of how this year's run will work:

  • Most importantly, the contest will now last for the entire week preceding Christmas. We want to encourage people to get out during non-peak hours or whenever is most convenient for you. Similarly, we encourage you to only go with your immediate family or household and remember to wear your face covering. 
  • Since we can't all gather together in person, the best way we know of to share the holiday spirit is with photos. The best way that we know to get people to share photos is by offering prizes! 
  • This year we will be expanding upon our usual biodegradable ornament competition by adding two additional contests. The three contests will be:
    • #1 Biodegradable Holiday Ornament Competition
      • For those of you that are artistically inclined (or at least think that you are), we will be holding the traditional informal competition for the best biodegradable Christmas ornament. Remember, you've got to carry your ornament all the way up the hill to Bull Run for it to be eligible, so before you create that life-sized Santa Claus ice sculpture, please make sure that you are able to get it to the judging spot at Bull Run. When you get to the top of the hill, please take a photo of you and your biodegradable Christmas ornament. You can hang it on the bush/tree by the bench. 
      • After your run, please email your photo(s) to quicksilver.running@gmail.com.
      • See examples from past years here: https://www.facebook.com/quicksilverrunning/photos/
      • Top five entries will win a gift card.
      • Note: Feel free to leave your ornament on the Bull Run Holiday Bush for others to enjoy. Alternatively, you may bring your ornament back home with you after taking your photograph. Due to the surprisingly long shelf life of previous years' "biodegradable" ornaments, and our desire to "leave no trace", all ornaments will be collected and disposed of the week after Christmas. 
    • #2 Ugly Holiday Sweater Competition
      • This one speaks for itself. If you don't know what an ugly holiday sweater is, Google it! :-)
      • You must take a photo of you, wearing your ugly sweater, up at Bull Run. You can carry it there and then put it on, or you can wear it for your whole run/hike. (Pro tip: There's a great view of Mt. Umunhum from Bull Run that makes for a nice background in your photo!) 
      • After your run, please email your photo(s) to quicksilver.running@gmail.com.
      • Top two entries will win a gift card.
    • #3 Pet's Holiday Costume Competition
      • Dress Fluffy like Frosty the Snowman or dress your dachshunds like Dasher and Dancer. 
      • We realize that not all pets may be conditioned for the strenuous trip up to Bull Run, so for this contest you must take a photo of you and your costumed pet anywhere in Quicksilver Park. (The parking lots are okay too!)
      • After your run, please email your photo(s) to quicksilver.running@gmail.com.
      • Top three entries will win a gift card.
    • Note: You are free to enter any or all of the competitions, but there is a limit of one prize per person - we want to spread the holiday cheer as widely as possible! In the event of a tie, preference will be given to the QRC member. If neither or both of the tied entrants are QRC members, we will award both entrants equally.
    • Please take your photos and submit them to quicksilver.running@gmail.com sometime between Thursday, December 17th and Thursday, December 24th. The QRC Board of Directors will vote on the submissions, and we will announce the winners sometime before New Year's Eve.
    • Note: We will probably post some of the submitted photos on the QRC web page or the QRC Facebook page. If you are opposed to us using your photo, or would like your photo to remain anonymous, please let us know in your email. 

In the spirit of the holidays, this event welcomes all QRC members past and present, friends, families, and basically anyone else who would like to take part. 

Link to Quicksilver Park Map: (Bull Run is pretty close to the dead center of the map.)


We look forward to seeing everyone again - even if it's just photos for now!

Happy Trails,

Quicksilver Running Club Board

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