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About the Quicksilver Running Club

Mission Statement:

The Quicksilver Running Club (QRC) was established to promote physical well-being and friendships through running. Additionally, it has a purpose that reaches beyond the club, into our community, to promote healthy kids through trail running and trail advocacy by expanding the accessibility of trails.

Over the years the QSRC has continued to promote physical well-being and friendships through running for all, while supporting the Quicksilver County Park with trail maintenance from our runner/volunteer base.  Additionally, the QRC has given over $100,000 to various local charities from the proceeds of the two annual running events we host.

How the QRC and Quicksilver Endurance Runs Got Started:  ​

The Quicksilver Running Club was originally known as the Fleet Feet Running Club, formed in the late 1970s by Ted Schmidt, the owner of the Fleet Feet Running store in nearby Princeton Plaza. Jim Thiering, the founder of the Almaden Valley Athletic Club that started in 1976, worked with Ted, “and the Quicksilver club started to take off…”   The first QRC 50 mile race was directed by Ted Schmidt in 1983.  It started in Calero Park and finished in Quicksilver County Park with only four finishers.  In 1984 the race start moved to Quicksilver Park, and doubled in size, with nine finishers total.

QRC’s Western States Involvement:

The Quicksilver Running Club has been associated with the Western States 100 mile endurance run since 1978, and became the hosting club for the Duncan Canyon Aid Station in 1985. This tradition continues today with more than 40 people helping out annually. Steve Lorenz, a QRC member since 1980, was the Duncan Canyon aid Station Captain for twenty years, and was awarded the “Western States Friend of the Trail Award” for his volunteering. For the last several years, QRC’s own Kristina Irvin has taken over management responsibility for the Duncan Canyon Aid Station, in addition to being the aid station coordinator for the Quicksilver Endurance Runs. So, if you see Kristina on race day, feverishly filling water jugs or dispatching aid station supplies to remote areas, please be sure to give her a smile and a “thank you!”

Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose is a 501(c) (4) non­profit tax exempt organization

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